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2wayz watering and gardening line of items is manufactured by G&S LTD, Israel.
Since 2007, we specialize in strategic market developing in the US and Europe, and pride ourselves in putting the best of the best in front of our elite group of customers.

Smart Design

Built for Usability

Our line of products is specially crafted to support and complement your overwhole home & garden design with clean lines and harmonic color sets.

Great Service

Handled with Love

Systematic quality control and meaningful buying experience, makes caring for our clients a fun task.
If you aren't happy, we're not happy and we will do whatever it takes to make it right!

Here to Stay

Products for the ages

Easy installment, practical implementation and Beautiful TPR cover makes our products highly durable.
Stop buying cheap watering equipment, and get used to top quality again!

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Garden Hose Splitter

The 2wayz flagship!

Easy to install and operate, this TPR covered item is suited for multiple gardening and home improvement tasks.
Currently upgraded from the highly successful plastic bady version, to a HQ pro metal version.

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Heavy Duty
Hose Nozzle

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere.

Industrial, Metalic Firemen's Style. Intensive water pressure & ultra Powerful Care for your Garden, Auto and Deck.

Show me the Awesome!

4 Way Hose Connector

Made for folks of all skill levels and projects of all sizes.

Filling the kids swimming pool while you're watering your flowers while the sprinkler is watering your grass. How much time are you going to save just with those alone? And you still have an extra spigot!
That's why they brought us here!

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Listen to them...

Our customers know the secret: we do everything in the right way, and we are eager to solve every issue and give the best service possible in the shortest response time.
It's how we got to be a top rated vendor, and averaging close to 5 stars in more than 1,700 customer's reviews.

This is the best garden hose splitter yet. I do a great deal of yard work and some of the splitters I have use in the past are so difficult to turn. This one is super easy! Thank you G&S!

~ Mickey Greene, KA

Love this valve! This valve is lightweight but very sturdy and super easy to use. It is designed well in that it gives you the leverage you need to turn the water on and off without having to get a plyers! I will be buying more of these for my all my hoses.

~ Big Bowzer, CA

Currently have 3 splitters on outside faucets that I replace every couple of years since they fail for one reason or another. These brass splitters are not cheap and my wife has trouble operating even without arthritis. I purchased this one to try out before purchasing more and have it installed on a hydronic boiler so I can use it this winter. So far, am very happy with it.

~ Rick Arbour, MN

I don't remember the exact day of arrival, but it was certainly prompt, and the splitter itself arrived in perfect condition. So far, this has been the best device of its type that I have used, and over the years I've used plenty of them in my greenhouses.

~ Janet L Deal, WV

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